IIIT Vadodara-International Campus Diu

(Satellite campus of IIIT Vadodara)


  • Vikas Kumar

    Ph.D. (Science, Society and Development)
    Central University of Gujarat
    Areas of Interest : Science, Technology and Society.
    Contact : vikas [under score] kumar [at] diu [dot] iiitvadodara [dot] ac [dot] in
  • Jignesh Patel

    Ph.D. (Information and Communication Technology)
    DA-IICT, Gandhinagar India
    Areas of Interest : Remote Sensing, Machine Learning.
    Contact : jignesh [under score] patel [at] diu [dot] iiitvadodara [dot] ac [dot] in
  • Varun Kumar

    Ph.D. (Wireless Communication)
    NIT, Rourkela
    Areas of Interest : Wireless Communication, Machine Learning, Signal Processing.
    Contact : varun [under score] kumar [at] diu [dot] iiitvadodara [dot] ac [dot] in
  • Ashish Phophalia (Faculty Associated from IIIT Vadodara)

    Ph.D. (Information and Communication Technology)
    Areas of Interest : Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Medical Image Analysis.
    Contact : ashish [underscore] p [at] iiitvadodara [dot] ac [dot] in
  • Naveen Kumar (Faculty Associated from IIIT Vadodara)

    Ph.D. (Computer Science)
    Areas of Interest : Information security and privacy, Cloud computing.
    Contact :naveen [underscore] kumar [at] iiitvadodara [dot] ac [dot] in
  • Kamal Kishor Jha (Faculty Associated from IIIT Vadodara)

    Ph.D. (VLSI Design)
    Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Gwalior.
    Areas of Interest : Nanoelectronics, VLSI Design, Embedded Systems for IoT.
    Contact : kamal [at] iiitvadodara [dot] ac [dot] in
  • Dhirendra Sinha (Faculty Associated from IIIT Vadodara)

    Ph.D. (Physics)
    IIT Kanpur
    Areas of Interest : Physics of organic semiconductor devices, in particular, organic light-emitting diodes and solar cells. Hybrid devices involving organic materials embedded with inorganic nano-particles. Understanding physical processes such as charge-carrier transport and recombination in the practical devices.
    Contact : dhirendra [dot] sinha [at] iiitvadodara [dot] ac [dot] in
  • Barnali Chetia (Faculty Associated from IIIT Vadodara)

    Ph.D. (Linguistics)
    JNU New Delhi
    Areas of Interest : Applied Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Discourse Analysis, Gender Studies, Technical Communication.
    Contact : barnali [at] iiitvadodara [dot] ac [dot] in
  • Dibyendu Roy (Faculty Associated from IIIT Vadodara)

    PhD (Mathematics)
    IIT Kharagpur
    Areas of Interest : Cryptology, Design analysis of Boolean function.
    Contact : dibyendu [dot] roy [at] iiitvadodara [dot] ac [dot] in
  • Vivek M. Vyas (Faculty Associated from IIIT Vadodara)

    PhD (in Theoretical Physics)
    Indian Institute of Science Education & Research Kolkata in 2013
    Areas of Interest : Aspects of classical and quantum field theory, geometric phases, quantum computation.
    Contact : vivek [dot] vyas [at] iiitvadodara [dot] ac [dot] in