IIIT Vadodara-International Campus Diu

(Satellite campus of IIIT Vadodara)

Office Order : Amendment in Grievance Redressal Committee

1.         Students may approach different people for different types of grievances. Below are various level for addressing the issues. In case the issue remains unresolved at the first level or the issue is due to the person at the first level, student may go to the second level and further. If a student is still not satisfied, may contact the Director. The Director will seek report for Grievance Redressal Committee.

2.         List of various level for addressing the issues on grievances are as under:-



First Level

Second Level

Third Level

Course Related

Instructor/ Faculty Advisor

PIC Academics




Grievance Redressal Committee

Academics Related

Faculty Advisor

PIC Academics

Hostels/ Facilities Related

Mr. Sagar Biren

Hostel Wardens

Students Affairs

(Cultural/ Sports/ Technical)

Ms. Komal Shah

PIC Student Affairs


Student Mess Committee

Hostel Wardens


Wardens/ Faculty Advisor

PIC Student Affairs

Sexual Harassment

Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee


3.         The Grievance Redressal Committee is Constituted as under:

         (a) Col Ravi Chugh                                         -           Chairperson

        (b) Dr. Varun Kumar (PIC Academics)                       -           Member

        (c) Dr. Gaurav Pareek (PIC Student Affairs)          -           Member

        (d) Dr. Vikas Kumar, Hostel Warden         -           Member          

        (f) Dr. Deepika Gupta, Hostel Warden                           -           Member

        (g) Representative of Faculty Advisor            -           Member

        (h) Student Representative as:                       -           Member

                    (i) UG  - Student ID (202011035), Mr. Kadali Sri Akash

                    (ii) UG - Student ID (202011059), Ms. Priyanka Joshi

 4.         The grievance Redressal Forms is attached as Annexure-I. This form is to be submitted to Registrar's Office, wherein grievance reaches third level. For first two levels, aggrieved may meet the concerned officials and resolve the issue.

 Note: In  of case of any emergency, the aggrieved is free to Approach to Director Directly.

Office Order IIITV/2022-23/E/06